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Eco Pickled Surface pickling of stainless steel is faster than acid pickling

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EPS - The Environmentally Responsible Alternative to Acid Pickling

EPS is for fabricators and OEMs in Illinois

TMW invented the Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) process that replaces acid pickling by fully removing the mill scale from hot rolled black and imparting a clean, rust-resistant surface that is optimized for painting. It uses no acid – just ordinary water and fine steel grit – and has no harmful waste products.


EPS sheets offer manufacturers a number of advantages because they require no oil or other coating to protect against rusting. In fact, we warrant EPS against rusting. With no oil on the surface, EPS sheets laser and plasma cut faster, produce better welds with reduced weld fumes and allow you to use a much 'leaner' paint prep regimen. The EPS surface is also very uniform and optimized for paint smoothness and corrosion resistance.

  • No Rusting of Stock Steel or Finished Parts
  • Mitigates Defects Like Pitting, Roll Marks, Silicon Streaks
  • Faster Laser & Plasma Cutting
  • Reduction in Toxic Welding Fumes
  • Stronger Welds, More Uniform Bead
  • Superior Paint Adhesion and Corrosion Resistance
  • Surface Roughness, Ra, Optimized for Paint Performance
  • Substantial Reduction in Paint Pretreatment
The EPS Coil Line at TMW 
Better than Pickling for Midwest Service Centers
Located at Plant 2 (300 B&E Industrial Drive)
 Material Type:   Hot Roll Black Coils:
     • Low/High Carbon Steel,
     • HSLA/AHSS Grades,
     • Silicon Steel,
     • Stainless Steel
  Cold Roll Stainless for
  profile modification
 Gauge Range:
  0.040" to 0.320"
 Master Coil Info:
   • max. weight
   • OD
   • input ID
   • output ID
   • width
   • max. yield @
  60,000 lbs.** (see 40 ton
                 coil note below)

  37" to 84"
  23" to 31"
  36" to 72" (74" clearance)
    70,000 psi
    90,000 psi
  110,000 psi
  130,000 psi
  150,000 psi
 Features/Highlights   • tension leveling
  • electrostatic oiler
  • brush system for added
    surface refinement

** we can break 80,000 lb. coils at the Plant 1
    barge/rail terminal, and transport the smaller
    coils to Plant 2.


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