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Our Pledge: Be Competitive With Confidence

steel sheets for shipment to manufacturers


As a toll processor, our purpose is to make our customers more competitive in serving their customers. In doing so, we must be vigilant in protecting confidential information and relationships of all parties we do business with. To that end we have put in place the following policies:



A. If your company and TMW develop a unique and competitive method of handling business for an account, we will not disclose these practices to any company.

B. When new accounts are being pursued by multiple companies, we will never disclose any company's pricing to any other company.

C. We will not disclose information regarding any company's private matters to any other company


EQUAL ACCESS POLICY – We Must Be Open to All Customers.

Like all toll processors, we must pursue revenue aggressively to recover our substantial investment in equipment and facilities. This dictates we offer equal access to all potential customers:

Example 1:
If your company is pursuing a new account that we already process for another company, and you would like to use us for your processing, we are open to quoting the processing to you.

Example 2:
If your company is already using us to process for an account, and another company approaches us to quote processing for this same account, we are open to quoting the processing to the other company.


PARTNERSHIPS – Working for Mutual Benefit.

A. We may grant special provisions and discounts to your company, above and beyond what your competition may be granted, if your company represents large volume potential.

B. We may choose not to actively pursue business with a specific account unless approached by the end user.

C. We may provide you sales leads based on location, expertise, etc.

D. TMW personnel may accompany your company on sales calls, upon your request.

E. We may exercise additional effort towards supporting your emergency orders.

metals toll processing partnerships help our service center partners


SLITTING> slit steel mults banded for shipment to Iowa
CUT-TO-LENGTH> cut-to-length stacks for shipment to Arkansas
STRETCHER  LEVELING> stretcher leveled sheets for shipment to Tennessee
ECO PICKLED SURFACE> EPS sheet steel has a no-rust warranty
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