TMW is the midwest's premier flat rolled steel toll processor
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Complete Flat Rolled Metals Processing and Management Solutions

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The TMW Mission: TMW is a toll processing company
dedicated to providing the highest level of service,
to the point that it's impractical for our customers to
process for themselves or for others.

TMW employees must have QC signoff of every processed coil or stack before it can be loaded for delivery


Toll processing is a tough business. Orders are won or lost on price differences of pennies per ton. To succeed, we maintain an intense focus on quality and service excellence. We combine that with a continuous improvement system that controls cost and enhances value to tip the scales in favor of the customer.


Our greatest asset is our employees. They are the reason top-tier companies trust us for their metals processing year-after-year. They think, plan and act as a team to ensure we develop the best solutions and the trust to implement them effectively.


  • TMW Employees Average 14 Years With The Company
  • They Average 500 Hours of Training
  • They Are Paid for Achieving Improvements in Quality

The TMW Quality Policy

The Material Works, Ltd. and its management understands the importance of quality and service and is committed to giving customers the best quality and service possible with a continual drive toward zero defects.

This will be accomplished through this policy, formal procedures and instructions, open communication, training and education, customer feedback, continuous improvement, and internal audits.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement


The TMW culture of quality goes well beyond our ISO9001:2008 certification. We use communication and collaboration to foster a culture of quality. The Annual Business Plan is discussed with all employees, as well as company financials. Employee training is thorough, frequent and procedure-based. Internal audits and customer feedback are used to drive toward our goal of zero defects.


On the floor, incoming material is inspected prior to processing and deviations must be approved by the customer for the job to run. Every processed coil and stack must be inspected and signed off, with its QC record permanently retained at TMW.


Our QC training, gauges, equipment and procedures are all controlled by a Quality Policy aimed at zero defects


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