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December 14, 2022Today, TMW announced details of breakthrough changes to EPS Technology that have culminated in EPS Generation 4. The more efficient slurry delivery of Gen 4 cut the number of Slurry Turbines in a Cell from 8 to 4, and lowered EPS pickling cost to $12/ton for low carbon flat rolled. Gen 4 also introduces the EPS Scalebreaker, which operates over a wider range of material thickness.   Get details . . .


October, 2023  –EPS Gen 4 is profiled for its breakthroughs that further reduce $ per ton pickling costs, as well as its environmental advantages over acid pickling. Now recognized as the industry's best option for pickling electrical steel, steel mills are looking at combining EPS Gen 4 Cells with acid tanks for a 'hybrid' line for pickling electrical steel, as well as EPS-only lines. Get full details . . .


January, 2022 – In 1992, steel and processing machinery veterans took a gamble on starting a flat rolled toll processing company just outside Red Bud, IL. Thirty years later, that company, The Material Worksd, Ltd., is considered one of the premier toll processors in the US. Get details . . .
American Metals Market June 2011

June 14, 2016  – The Material Works, a leading flat rolled toll processing and technology development company, received the American Metal Market's 2016Award for Steel Excellence in the Best Innovation: Process category for demonstration of the Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) process' ability to pickle Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS), stainless and silicon steel grades much faster and more completely than acid pickling. Get full details . . .



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SLITTING> high speed steel slitting for Iowa equipment manufacturers
CUT-TO-LENGTH> precision steel blanks for Missouri fabricators
STRETCHER  LEVELING> super-flat steel sheets for laser cutting in Illinois
ECO PICKLED SURFACE> EPS is optimized for laser cutting
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