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EPS Cells have been combined with a slitter for a steel coil slitting pickling line.

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High Quality Slitting With Impressive Productivity


TMW's Slitting operation, designed and built by Red Bud Industries (RBI), was called the most advanced in the USA by someone who should know – the founder of RBI's fiercest competitor.


The slitter is incredibly fast and its quick setup is supported by a unique, patented CNC knife changer. Its floating head keeps camber from being introduced into the coil. And a roller leveler located between the slitter and recoiler reduces burr and removes slitter shape inducement. In fact, companies use TMW Slitting instead of tension leveling, because slitting a coil after tension leveling often introduces shape problems.


Slit coils are conveyed to our adjacent Avon packaging line for automated packaging to customer requirements.


  • Maximum Speed of 2000 feet/minute
  • CNC Knife Change Minimizes Idle Time
  • Floating Slitter Head Avoids Inducing Camber
  • Roller Leveler In-Line Between Slitting and
    Recoiling Provides Final Shape Improvement
  • X-Ray Gauge Traverses Strip Width and Records/Charts Defect Codes
  • 40 ft. Looping Pit With Double Loop Capability
  • Avon Packaging Line



Precision Slitting Line at TMW 
Steel Slitting for Midwest Service Centers
   Material Type:    Clean
   Gauge Range:
   0.012" to 0.200"
   Slit Width:
     –  for material < 10 ga.
     –  for material > 10 ga.

   Width Tolerance:

   1" to 80"
   2" to 80"
   Slit Trim per Side:    0.250" to 2.75"
   Master Coil Info:
     –  max weight
     –  max OD
     –  Input ID
     –  Output ID
     –  width
     –  max yield @ max
        gauge & width

   80,000 lbs.
   20" to 30"
   20" or 24"
   12" to 80"


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STRETCHER  LEVELING> stretcher leveling for steel service centers in the midwest
ECO PICKLED SURFACE> EPS Sheet steel delivered to Kentucky manufacturers
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