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Stretcher Leveled EPS pickled steel is EPS Unlimited

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TMW Stretcher Leveling: Perfectly Flat, Stress-Free Blanks

Stretcher Leveling beats roller leveling, tension leveling and even temper pass as the way to achieve 'stay flat' steel. Our Stretcher Levelers transform material with significant stress and edge wave into perfectly flat, stress-free blanks. We guarantee material processed on our Stretcher Levelers will beat temper pass CTL for flatness or the processing is free. In fact, it will achieve 1/4 of ASTM A568 Table 13 tolerance after laser cutting.


This is important for fabricators. Roller-leveled blanks may appear flat, but still contain stress. When the blank is cut or welded, that stress causes 'springback' which deflects the shape of the part and the blank. Blanks leveled on a TMW Stretcher Leveler have no residual stress, no springback. That makes fabricators more productive while reducing scrap.


     See How Stretcher Leveling Works

Line T16: Stretcher/Roller Level Multi-Cut 
Multi Blanking with Stretcher Leveling and Cut-to-Length
   Material Type:    Any Material
   Gauge Range:
     –  Roller Leveled
     –  Stretcher Leveled

   0.010" to 0.105"
   0.020" to 0.142"
  Width Tolerance:
   3" to 74"
   +/- 0.005"   
   Edge Trim per Side:
   Minimum Slit Width:
   0.1875" to 3"
   Part Length:
   Length Tolerance:
   3" to 192"
   +/- 0.010"
   Coil Info:
     –  max weight
     –  max OD
     –  min ID
     –  max ID
     –  yield at max. gauge

   55,000 lbs.
   60,000 psi. max.
   Max. Stack Weight:
   15,000 lbs.
Line T18: Stretcher Level CTL + Edge Trim 
Stretcher Leveled Cut-to-Length for 3/8" Material
   Material Type:    Any Material
   Gauge Range:
   0.060" to 0.320"
         (see note)
  Width Tolerance:
   5" to 74"
   +/- 0.031"   
   Edge Trim Width:
   Min Trim Width:
  < 0.150" thick: 0.312"/side
  > 0.150" thick: 0.375"/side
   Max: 2" per side all gauges
   Part Length:
   Length Tolerance:
   3" to 540"
   +/- 0.031" < 240" length
   Coil max weight:
     –  max OD
     –  ID
   80,000 lbs.
   20" to 35"
   Max. Stack Weight:
   20,000 lbs.

         Note: Max Yield:            0.312" – 80 ksi yield
                                              0.250" – 100 ksi yield


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