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Hydrochloric acid pickling of steel can create problems for downstream processing

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How We Help OEMs and Manufacturers Succeed

TMW's Coil Optimization software helps with intelligent material purchases


Steel Product OEMs and Manufacturers have come to rely on TMW to implement a lean, smart materials management strategy. It involves two steps:


Step 1:  Purchasing

The manufacturer negotiates the best material buy – specs, volume and price – whether direct from the mill or a service center. While TMW doesn't sell steel, we can help here by offering our Coil Optimization Program (see left sidebar) to evaluate how overall material or carrying cost might be reduced.


Step 2:  Processing

The purchased material ships direct to TMW at the appointed time. It can be stored (saving space at the manufacturer's facility) or processed immediately. Each processing run is QC inspected for dimensional accuracy and surface quality, then packaged/released to ship or stored for JIT delivery when needed.


We'll even handle the 'unpleasant stuff', like filing mill claims, coordinating mill rep visits and handling all claims communication/information exchange.



separating steel purchasing from steel processing creates consistency

The Advantage of Separating Purchasing From Processing

When OEMs and manufacturers decouple their steel purchasing from its processing, they create the flexibility to buy from multiple sources – including offshore suppliers and favorable spot buys. Because no matter the source, they know TMW will process their steel consistently, to the highest standards in the industry.


So changing steel suppliers mean you don't have to sacrifice a thing when it comes to processing and managing your material. Keeping TMW on your team retains the TMW account manager – our 'knowledge bank' of your standards, interfaces, logistics and QC requirements – serving you no matter where your next coil comes from.


SLITTING> optimizing slit coil widths for stampers
CUT-TO-LENGTH> optimizing steel sheets for fabricators
STRETCHER  LEVELING> optimizing leveled sheets for Deere and Cat
ECO PICKLED SURFACE> EPS super-flat steel for Tennessee fabricators
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