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Steel pickled by the EPS process is warranted to resist rusting.

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Our Processing Warranties

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The Material Works, Ltd. (TMW) warrants that all processed material will meet or exceed quoted specifications for a period of 90 days from date of processing for issues reported within that same time period.


Cut-to-length and blank material is warranted on a stack-by-stack basis only. If a claim is made, the original TMW tag must be available. Mixed stacks or unidentified material will not be accepted. Claims for remaining sheets on stack will not be accepted if top sheet is within quoted tolerance.


Slit coil material is warranted on a coil-by-coil basis only. TMW will only warranty for surface defects based on what is visible on the head or tail of a product coil. If a claim is made, the original TMW tag must be available.


EPS processed material as produced by TMW (whether dry or oil applied) is warranted against rust formation on the coil or sheet surface for 180 days from the date of processing for issues reported with the same period. Acid pickled substrate and sheared/slit edges excluded. EPS DRY material that is not fully paper wrapped is not warranted. EPS processed steel is not warranted against rust resulting from improper handling or storage practices that bring the surface into contact with moisture including rain or temperature change condensation


In the event that both parties accept that the processed material does not meet or exceed quoted specifications, TMW shall rectify the problem at its sole discretion by one of the following:

(a) Correct the material,

(b) Credit customer's account at cost.

TMW's liability is limited as herein specified and in no event shall TMW be liable for any other damage whether direct or indirect. TMW's maximum liability shall not exceed the cost of the warranted material




Material Defect Plan


Surface Plan Instructions

It may be difficult to reach you, so please take the following steps, to help resolve defect issues in a timely manner:
  1. Submit a list of what types of defects are acceptable before the order is prepared. These are listed in the form of a Surface Plan.
        Download Sample Surface Plan
  2. You can also give instructions to process the job completely and document the nature of the defect. Please indicate:
  3.      a. Process standard lengths if there is a
             rejectable defect, or
         a. Process as per original order and
             label as non-conforming.
  4. Be sure to supply a phone number(s) where we can reach you immediately.

At TMW, we strive to make sure no material gets to you or your customers that is out of specification. This is not a problem for length, width, thickness, diagonal and flatness – these specifications are met before we submit your order to production. However, surface irregularities are often not observable until the coil is loaded for processing.


When surface irregularities are observed, we cannot risk processing material that will be rejected, therefore, we ask that a Surface Plan be completed to describe what surface defects are acceptable and what are rejectable. If we do not have a Surface Plan for your order and cannot reach you for a decision, your coil must be rewound. A $186.00 rewind charge and additional setup fee will be issued against your order. To avoid this charge and help us process your order on time, we ask that you complete steps 1 - 3 (see blue box at the right) by the time your coils arrive at TMW.


The Surface Plan describes what defects you can accept and communicates what you want our operators to do. We use the Surface Plan to make decisions as to whether or not to continue processing. If we find the defect is beyond your acceptability standards, we can back off the coil without extra line down time.


We urge you to perform steps 1 - 3 to reduce rewind charges and to allow us to process accurately, to your needs, and on time.


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