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Material Storage and Stocking Flexibility

Storing steel coils coming through the ports on New Orleans


We know you plan to sell or consume the steel you buy, but the timing can be tricky. Customer schedules slip. You have to take delivery on material before you'd like to. We understand and we're prepared to help.


With over 40,000 sq. ft. of master coil storage space and 60,000 sq. ft. for finished goods – all climate controlled – we provide a flexible, economical storage solution for our customers who hadn't really planned on storing material for long.

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Do we charge for material storage? Of course we do. But the charges may work out to be a lot less than you'd expect. Here's how our plan works:


Inventory Turnover is Key

TMW's plan assesses a storage charge based on annual turnover. Turnover is calculated as follows:

     Average Tons Processed over the last 3 months  x  12  =  Annual Turnover
           Average Inventory over the last 3 months

Say we processed 150 tons per month on average for you over the previous three months and the average material you had on our floor during that period was 300 tons. Your Annual Turnover value for the current month would be:
                                (150 tons/300 tons) x 12 = 6


Calculating Storage Charges

The Annual Turnover value corresponds to a per ton charge
as shown at the right. Your storage charge is simply the charge that applies for your Annual Turnover, multiplied by
the number of tons in TMW storage for a given month.

    Notes: 1. All raw material is given a 30 day grace period.

                 2. Annual Turnover is calculated on a month-by-
                     month basis until enough history is generated
                     to begin using the 3-month running average.

Annual Turnover Rate Monthly Charge per Ton

0 - 0.99

1 - 1.99

2 - 2.99

3 - 3.99

4 - 4.99

5 +

$ 6.00
$ 4.00
$ 2.75
$ 1.75
$ 1.00
$ 0.00


When extended storage is anticipated, we can offer additional options. Southern Illinois Transfer Co. (SITCO) owns and operates a 30,000 sq. ft. long-term storage solution that is immediately adjacent to our Plant 1. It allows TMW to maintain your inventory in our system, and handle all transfers, so you get seamless service. You have your same TMW contact, same web access inventory, same barge and rail access, and no-cost transportation to TMW's processing facility.


Like you, our motivation is adding value to steel, not storing it. Nevertheless, our ability to accommodate our customer's varied storage needs, at reasonable rates, is another reason why TMW is regarded as the premier toll processor in the midwest.


SLITTING> slit coils stored for customers in Nebraska
CUT-TO-LENGTH> procesed steel sheets for delivery to Kansas
STRETCHER  LEVELING> stretcher leveled sheets for delivery to Oklahoma
ECO PICKLED SURFACE> EPS for fabricators in Chicago
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