TMW is the midwest's premier flat rolled steel toll processor
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The Center of America's Manufacturing Heartland

TMW is within 8 hour drive of 80% of USA's steelmaking capacity
barge access makes TMW and inland processor who that can accept imported steel
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TMW is centrally located in the USA's midwest manufacturing heartland, within an 8 hour drive from the majority of the country's flat rolled steel mills and steel consuming manufacturers.


Within 30 minutes of 4 interstates. We are close to I-55 (Chicago to New Orleans), I-70 (Baltimore to Denver), plus I -64 and I-44. Rail service directly to the plant is by CN.


Barge delivery right to coil storage. We are located on the Kaskaskia River, a tributary of the Mississippi. That allows us to accept barge shipments from the Port of New Orleans, the mills of Gary/Burns Harbor, Pittsburgh, Alabama Mississippi and other strategic locations.


Barge and rail shipments are offloaded by overhead crane directly into coil storage without ever touching a truck. That helps keeps handling and storage costs low. We can accept coils up to 80,000 lbs.


For flexibility in shipping your steel from its source, then getting it to you or your customers, few toll processors can match The Material Works.



SLITTING> ArcelorMittal master coils slit to mults
CUT-TO-LENGTH> cut-to-length sheets of Castrip
STRETCHER  LEVELING> stretcher leveled material from USS Granite City
ECO PICKLED SURFACE> midwest's supplier of EPS shet steel
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