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Complete Flat Rolled Metals Processing and Management Solutions
View the EPS steel pickling in China, India, Korea service centers

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How We Help Service Centers Succeed

TMW prepares service center customer steel with branded paper, tags and codes


Progressive service centers seek to extend both their capability and geographic coverage without adding undue overhead or other non-value-added costs. Processing with TMW offers the ideal solution to this challenge.


Leverage The TMW Equipment

Customer requirements can change and new customers may impose requirements that can't be satisfied using your in-house processing lines. You need to serve these customer, but it may not be practical to upgrade your equipment.


Use our equipment instead. We operate the industry's most precise, productive flat rolled processing lines to extend not just your capacity, but your capability to meet customer demands for close tolerance, 'stay-flat' material.


Leverage The TMW Information Systems

We handle most of the details that go with managing material, from the time your coils leave the mill until they reach your customer's dock as processed, approved stacks. That includes inventory and QC compliance/records management – we'll even file mill claims on your behalf. We can also track your customer's historical usage patterns to help you better plan your future mill buys.


TMW team stands ready to support service centers

Leverage The TMW Team

How much exposure your customers have to TMW is up to you:

A. We can stay in the background, while your personnel use the InStite system to retrieve customer inventory and job status. We'll even package material using your paper wrap, tags and tracking codes.


B. You can bring us into customer meetings and planning sessions so we better understand requirements, help solve problems and respond to questions 'on the spot.' In fact, some service centers will tell you that having TMW working directly with their customers strengthens their overall business relationship.


SLITTING> slit steel coils from US Steel Granite City master coils
CUT-TO-LENGTH> cut-to-length stacks from ArcelorMittal master coils
STRETCHER  LEVELING> stretcher leveled sheets from Nucor Blytheville master coils
ECO PICKLED SURFACE> EPS optimized surface for midwest service centers
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