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Value-Added First Stage Fabrication Services

Through our on-site business partners, we offer important value-added services to our toll processing customers:

  • Laser Cutting
  • Turret Press Punching
  • Press Brake Bending

There are notable advantages to having these "first stage" fabrication processes done at TMW:

1.  Eliminate transportation cost of having your material sent to another job shop.

2.  Reduce cycle time by eliminating an extra outsourcing step.

3.  Benefit from TMW's outstanding quality control plus the deep expertise of the operators of these fabricating cells.


Precision Laser Cutting Cell 2 
Laser Cutting of EPS Pickled Steel Strip

  Flying Optic Flat Sheet
  Laser System
  4000 watts
   Max. Sheet Size:   60" x 120"
   Max. Sheet Thickness:

  0.750" Mild Steel
  0.375" Stainless
  0.312" Aluminum
   Tolerance: < 1/4"
   – 1/4" < thickness < 3/8"
   – 3/8" < thickness < 3/4"
   +/- 0.010"
   +/- 0.020"
   +/- 0.040"
   Max. Sheet Weight:
   1100 lbs.
Precision Laser Cutting Cell 1
Laser Cutting of Stainless Steel and Cold Rolled Steel

  MAZAK Hypergear
  510 CNC Precision
  5 Axis Laser
  4000 watts
   Max. Sheet Size:   60" x 120"
   Max. Sheet Thickness:
   +/- 0.001"
   Max. Sheet Weight:
   2050 lbs.
CNC Press Brake Bending 
Bending and Forming of Stainless Steel and Cold Rolled

  normal & air bending
  hemming, box forming
  110 tons
   Max. Sheet Size   72" x 122"
   Max Sheet Thickness:

   0.150" (90° bend on
                  (120" sheet)

   0.218" (90° bend on
                  (50" sheet)

   Max. Sheet Weight:
   400 lbs.
High Speed Turret Punch Press 
Punching and Nibbling of Stainless Steel and Cold Rolled Steel

  punch, pierce, nibble,
  slot, emboss, louver
  33 tons
   Tolerance:   +/-0.006"
   Max. Sheet Thickness:
   Max. Sheet Size:
  60" x 100"
   Max. Sheet Weight:
   440 lbs.


SLITTING> preferred slitting for steel service centers in texas and Oklahoma
CUT-TO-LENGTH> preferred cut-to-length toll processing for St. Louis, Memphis and Evansville
STRETCHER  LEVELING> stretcher leveling for steel service centers in Granite City, Peoria and Moline
ECO PICKLED SURFACE> EPS is the premier steel for fabrication
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